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I'm such a fan of Kiddo Tags!

I just ordered a bunch more, as I finally ran out of the order I placed last year. In spite of hundreds of washings, both by hand and in the dishwasher, the tags on my daughter's bottles and sippy cups look brand new! No fading, no peeling, no rubbing off. I don't know what kind of black magic you use to make these labels stand up to regular abuse at the chubby hands of babies and toddlers, but keep doing it! Kiddo Tags are the BEST THING EVER.

J.H. Lee

I love Kiddo Tags! They make it so easy for me to keep track of Oliver’s things especially at his school. They are cute and still look great even after many trips through the dishwasher.

Kiddo Tags are a must have item for a child in preschool, where everything has to be labeled. Permanent markers smear or wear off and tape loses its stick. Kiddo Tags are great to quickly identify and keep up with items especially in a classroom setting where there may be duplicate items such as lunchboxes, jackets, sippy cups, etc. Kiddo Tags are also perfect for pacifiers, which are really difficult to label and get lost easily. 

We highly recommend Kiddo Tags to all our students. 

Kasandra McDaniel
The Goddard School
5416 Bethelview Road
Cumming, GA

I have especially loved the iron-on labels for the kids’ jackets and coats. Schools are always asking that we label their jackets and I hate trying to write on the label with a marker! These tags are super easy to apply, are bright and noticeable and stay on even through multiple washings! 

We use the stick-on labels on all of their cups and also on school items, lunchboxes and toy bins (so the kids know which bins are theirs). We use them all over the house and at school! Love Kiddo Tags and can’t wait to see the new styles!

Erin Freeman
Green With Envy , Atlanta's Premier Consignment Event

We love the Kiddo Tags labels. They’re so easy to use for sippy cups, jackets and basically all the clothes we take to The Goddard School Preschool and Sunday school.  They last through many, many washings in the washing machine and dishwasher. Very easy to order and very convenient to use. We love the ones personalized not only with the children’s names but with our school logo. 

Jean Croft
Executive Director & Grandmother
The Goddard School at Bethelview

I purchased the value pack and I love it!!! The stickers are a "must have" for daycare, not to mention adorable:) I was able to customize my son's labels with the daycare mascot and colors.

Thanks Again!

M.S. Wyatt Posted on our Facebook Page

I've been a customer of yours for months. I love the new website. I'm soooo glad you added all the cute characters and different color options. No one has that many fun choices. Believe me, I've looked! 

Rebecca Jacobs

I LOVE KIDDO TAGS! I used to hand-write my kid’s name on her items. Ewww . . . what a mess! The marker would fade or slide down the bottle. It looked totally gross, and I was so embarrassed. What a fun product. I've already told my "Mommies Group” about Kiddo Tags! 

Ashley O'Neil

My son Carson wants to send you a letter, but he is only 2 and cannot write :-) At Day Care, he took his favorite stuffed animal (monkey) and somehow he lost it. When I picked him up, he was crying and in a total panic. "Where's Mon-ey," he asked? That night was tough...he had to sleep with me (urrggh). Luckily the next day, the other Mother gave it back to his class. They knew exactly who's it was! THANK YOU KIDDO TAGS!

Kristin Wall

Charlotte's jackets and bags are SO much cuter with Kiddo Dots on the tags! I used to identify everything with a marker, but I didn't realize how yucky it looked. What a difference!

I love that Charlotte can find her own ballet shoes in a pile even though she isn't reading yet by spotting her favorite kitty icon on the Kiddo Tag. Identifying all of my kids’ stuff with Kiddo Tags is great for us because we can remove the sticker when we are done with it. The kids who get our hand-me-downs don't have to see our names scrawled with marker everywhere!

Kiddo Allergy Tags are a must-have for all kids with food allergies and their worried parents. We used to include a taped note listing the allergies in his lunch bag, but you never know if it will be seen. Now that we have the bright Kiddo Tag on all bags, cups and bottles, I don't have to worry that a substitute teacher at school could miss an important detail. Thank you for that! 

Rachel Drueke

Thank you for making cute labels for my mom. She recently lost her medical alert necklace and was charged her $105 to replace it. We are going to put a tag on the back of her new alert necklace so we don’t have to replace it again. We also put some labels on her clothing and walker, because she recently got lost in her assisted living facility.

Susie Constable

Thank you so much for the awesome kiddo tags for my daughter Taylor. They have been great for her school lunches and backpack. I have recommended them to my friends and will continue to spread the word.


We ♥ our new tags!!! They are adorable! Although the first day of daycare will be tough - hopefully the pudgy little penguin can put a smile on our faces!!! (Especially Mom and Dad's!)

L.C. Lanza Postede on our Facebook Page