Deluxe Iron-On


Dimensions: 2.14" x 9/16"

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Deluxe Iron-On

Deluxe Iron-On is available for purchase in increments of 1

Easy to Iron-On Any Clothing!

Use your Hot Iron to apply.

Iron-On Kiddo Tags™ are easy to handle and they are laundry safe and designed to adhere to most any fabric, even polyblends! Don’t lose another onesie, jersey, swimsuit, sweater, glove, scarf, sock etc.

Deluxe Iron-On Kiddo Tags Are Great For:

  • Bibs, blankie, shirts, pants, underwear
  • Pajamas, soft hats, socks
  • Any type of clothes (no rubber backing)

    These labels were specifically designed for COTTONS and COTTON/POLY BLENDS -- both weave and knit. Our material has minimal fading and will adhere to almost any kind of fabric: cotton weave, denim, and even jersey knits (not tested on crochet or sweater-type knits). The labels are printed on a white base, so the design will not show through the back of the label.

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