Clothing Tags


Dimensions: 1" x 1"

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Clothing Tags

Clothing Tags is available for purchase in increments of 1

Say goodbye to your iron, and get ready for our Premium Clothing Tags. These super-duper sticky labels love to stay-put. Made primarily for your Kiddo's Clothing Tag on the back of their shirts, jackets, sweaters etc… However they CAN be applied directly to their clothing. If you place the Kiddo Tag on the Clothing Care Tag of your item it will last for many washes. If you apply it directly to the clothing, we cannot guarantee how long it will stick because of all the different clothing materials available.

Why use the iron if you can buy Kiddo Tags (™) Premium Clothing Tags. Made to stay on during use, but possible to remove when you are ready to donate your clothing, or pass them down to friends and family. Since it is possible to remove these labels, we recommend you buy Iron-On Tags for a permanent solution.

Lasts for MANY washes!

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