About Us

About Us

Gabby Turner, Owner: KiddoTags.com

The Kiddo Tags Story

Kiddo Tags was founded in 2009 by Gabby Turner, a stay-at-home mom of two. When she began sending her children to daycare, she noticed all the other parents were writing their children’s names on their items. Bottles, bags, binkies – you name it! If it left the house, it had a label.

Some parents actually wrote on the items with a black marker or pen. But a marker eventually washes off – and that's if it hadn’t already smeared in the dishwasher.  Other parents used a swatch of masking tape and wrote their child's name on that. But tape eventually comes off – and then you’re stuck with a sticky residue that picks up particles of, well, everything!

Gabby tried the labeling methods she saw the other parents use, but nothing worked well. When the daycare sent a reminder notice about keeping children’s items clearly labeled, Gabby and her husband began hunting for good labels. They found that most children’s labels are made in Canada, cost too much or come from companies with inadequate customer service. So what was this frustrated mom to do? Start her own label company, of course! 

Now, her daycare center loves Kiddo Tags so much they use them to advertise the school. In fact, Kiddo Tags has partnered with several local daycare centers, printing the school logo on labels for their students. Parents label their stuff, the school gets promoted and voila! Everyone is happy!

Kiddo Tags are 100% guaranteed and CPSIA Compliant. After all, Gabby has tested the materials on her own children’s stuff! The materials used for Kiddo Tags labels are commercial grade, waterproof, and microwave and dishwasher safe. 

More information about Kiddo Tags can be found online at kiddotags.com.

Best regards,

Gabby Turner

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